Parks Highway MP 194 Broad Pass RR Overcrossing


The goal of this federally funded project is to reconstruct approximately 1 mile of the Parks Highway, install new storm water infrastructure, construct a railroad overpass and a new bridge to cross the middle fork of the Chulitna River. 

The majority of traffic through Parks Highway MP 194 is Alaskan residents traveling between Anchorage and Fairbanks and tourists traveling to Denali National Park in the summer. A benefit of the scope and location of this project was a majority of the project work was able to be preformed outside the limits of the traveling public, thus limiting necessary delays during the heavily traveled tourist season. To better facilitate our pacing and fills operations, QAP setup a rock crushing plant on site and also a remote hot plant. Major challenges of this project include immense communication between numerous agencies and entities. These include coordinating and scheduling work with the Alaska Railroad to construct a highway detour and temporary railroad crossing as well as working with Fish & Game to demolish the existing Chulitna River Bridge.