About QAP

QAP is the largest subsidiary of Colaska and it has successfully completed large civil engineering projects throughout Alaska since it was formed in 1971. It has a known track record of performing large scale projects on extremely tight schedules, coordinating with numerous subcontractors and working closely with Owner agencies.

QAP is accustomed to moving large quantities of excavated material in a very efficient manner, very quickly and very cost effectively. They have demonstrated this capability on many large projects. Many of its projects have been developed in Environmentally Sensitive areas, and often in remote parts of the state - QAP has built airports and roads throughout Alaska, from the Aleutians to the North Slope.

QAP is very familiar with the process of efficiently establishing and operating borrow pits and quarries in full compliance with MSHA regulations, and it owns and operates its own borrow pits in South Central Alaska, with reserves in excess of 70 years - the largest of any civil contractor in the state.

QAP is very proficient at performing to standard on large projects, and over a period of the last 7 years at AnchorageInternationalAirport, QAP completed more than $200 million worth of work. Concurrently, QAP also performed over $650 million worth of construction on statewide road, port and airport projects.

Continuous Process Improvement

We use a Continuous Improvement process to identify and capture lessons learned from performance on previous activities and projects to ensure that best practices are considered and adopted into our current work. This benefits the client through the elimination of waste, leading to reduced costs, and it benefits Colaska and its employees through enhancement of safe procedures.

Health, Safety and Environmental Philosophy

The foundation of Colaska's (and QAP's) safety culture is based on the philosophy of SAFE PRODUCTION; performing work the safe and productive way the first time out and every time out. We continue to strive for safety excellence on a daily basis and in every work activity, and pursue the highest standards of personnel safety and environmental protection throughout all operations and activities.

QAP utilizes comprehensive written safety programs encompassing the Alaska Occupational Safety & Health (AKOSH), Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations in the performance of everyday operations. Our Safety and Health Plan is designed to ensure simple and effective implementation in the field.

QAP employee occupational safety and health training is conducted on a regular basis and includes formal regulatory (OSHA and MSHA) training and mandatory weekly sessions at the project site (safety meetings) designed to heighten employee awareness of job-specific responsibilities and requirements.

QAP is continually upgrading its Safety Systems with the end goal being the safest and healthiest work environments for all employees state-wide.


QAP is an employer of choice, and it offers employees great opportunities and professional careers in construction, estimating, project management, operations, equipment management and accounting.

We are committed to:

  • An ambitious recruitment policy founded on diversity: we seek to attract and hire the very best, looking at the requirements of the future, rejecting discrimination of any kind and embracing diversity within the Group.
  • A sustained training program: our training policy aims to pass on the Groupís know-how and culture, and tailor skills to meet new challenges.
  • Improved internal promotion and job mobility: we do all we can to encourage upward social mobility, planning ahead and satisfying peopleís aspirations
  • for geographical and job mobility.

  • Increasingly effective risk prevention: we are energetically and imaginatively committed to protecting the lives and the health of our employees.
  • Team management based on respect and trust: Our management style is built on trust, empowerment and direct and open relations between people at different levels in the company.